Technical Problems

My battery does not charge. What can I do?

First, check that the charger is plugged in correctly: try a different outlet and check all connections.

The charger should light up red when charging and change to green when the E-Bike is fully charged. If the charger quickly turns green when charging without the battery being fully charged, it may well be that the charger needs to be checked. You are welcome to try another charger with us and exchange it if necessary. If the charger is ok, please contact us.

Repair & Service

What do I have to watch out for on the first few km with my new EGO Movement E-Bike?

Brakes must be applied according to the following procedure:

Several braking operations (approx. 10) from a higher speed (20-25 km/h) to a standstill. Allow sufficient time to elapse between braking operations so that the brakes do not overheat.

Nuts, bolts and cables should be checked two to three months after handover (or after 300 km at the latest). In addition, the gears and brakes should be adjusted. We offer all this free of charge as a "First Check-Up". So get in touch with us in this regard.


How do I switch correctly?

When shifting gears, the E-Bike should always be in motion. Ideally, you shift without load on the pedals. This is especially important when riding uphill with additional weight to prevent a chain break.


What does the warranty cover and how long does it last?

The warranty extends exclusively to EGO Movement products purchased from an EGO Movement licensed dealer or directly from an EGO Movement store. EGO Movement provides the following warranty from the date of delivery:
Frame: 5 years
Motor: 24 months
Battery (up to 60% of capacity): 24 months
Please note: The warranty for the battery expires in particular in case of incorrect operation due to deep discharge (complete discharge and not immediate recharge), prolonged non-use without recharging (> 45 days) and prolonged exposure to very high (> 40°C) or very low (< 5°C) temperatures. The same applies if the battery is charged with a non-genuine EGO Movement charger, the housing is opened or damaged, the battery is short-circuited or placed in water or cleaned with water.

Test ride

Can I test ride an EGO Movement e-bike in any EGO Movement store?

Yes, this is possible at any time without obligation and free of charge. The best way is to make an appointment in advance (either book online, or contact [email protected] or hotline +41 44 515 35 86), but this is also possible spontaneously in all stores.


Where does EGO Movement come from?

EGO Movement is a registered trademark of the GO AG located at Hagenholzstrasse 65 in 8050 Zurich. We are a leading Swiss manufacturer of stylish e-bikes in and around the city. The EGO Movement bikes are developed in Switzerland and Germany and the final assembly also takes place here.