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Skarabäus Flex

EUR 2,298.00
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EUR 47.87
Monthly installments (only for Germany)
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About Product

With a weight of 18.5 kg, it is light and fast & easy going in every aspect. Swiss precision and wellthought-out details such as reflector surfaces that are invisible during the day, a powerful rear engine with 250 watts and its vibration absorbing tires make it a special highlight in the EGO fleet. Integrated as standard for the first time: GPS tracker and 4G data connection. The EGO app also offers a variety of benefits, such as the bike can be locked and unlocked keyless and is protected against theft.

*The advertised range is based on normal conditions. Depending on a set of factors, it may vary significantly, though. These factors include total weight of rider and other load, battery age and state of charge, tyre pressure and tread, pedaling consistency, cadence and support level, riding speed and gear changes and weather conditions and terrain.


Pedal Set Skarabäus


Pedal Set Skarabäus

EUR 22.00