The use of e-bikes and replacement of other means of transport.

EGO Movement, in collaboration with myclimate, conducted a survey among its customers evaluating the use of e-bikes in everyday life.

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Based on the responses of the nearly 100 participants, both the use of the e-bike itself and the substitution of other means of transport by the e-bike were subsequently modeled.

It was found that EGO Movement customers travel an average of 53 km per week on their e-bikes. Of these, 45 km are used to replace other means of transport, only 8 km are completely additional trips that would not be made without the e-bike.

The main substitute is the car (53%), followed by trips that would otherwise be made by public transport (29%). The e-bike is used much less as a substitute for trips made on foot (6%), by bicycle (5%) or by motorcycle (3%).

Since the e-bike is a low-emission means of transport, the individual customers of EGO Movement achieve an emission saving of - 5.6 kg CO2e per week. Of this, - 5.3 kg CO2e is achieved by replacing the car alone. In contrast, avoiding journeys on foot and by bicycle leads to additional emissions, since the use of these means of transport causes less CO2 than the e-bike. In the overall balance, however, this is negligible at + 0.07 kg CO2e per week.